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Fashion blog in Switzerland

Fashion blog in Switzerland

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timeless luxury bags or trendy bags Voluntarily or involuntarily, we have all come across them at some point. In a shop window, on a billboard, on the arm of an elegant lady walking down the street or a TV star. We've all come across luxury bags before. The race for the it-bag is certainly one of the most popular quests for women of our time, of the time before, and probably

Stars have an unfailing love affair with luxury bags. Caitlyn Jenner and her Whitney by Max Mara. Kim Kardashian and her Pandora Messenger by Givenchy. Catherine Deneuve and her Sac de Jour by Saint Laurent. This affection of the stars for their luxury bags is as old as the world, and sometimes so intense. Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, for example, admired the Gucci brand so much that the house

Micro-bags and small bags have been all the rage in recent years. They've been seen on everyone from Dua Lipa and Emily Ratajkowski to Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex. This year, the micro-bag trend has taken a nostalgic turn with popular mini-bags copying the aesthetic of decades past. Gucci Marmont Leather Mini Shoulder Bag The House of Gucci displays the hallmark of vintage luxury with contemporary chic in its

bag Summer is already behind us, and after a beautiful off-season, it's time to welcome autumn and its new autumn and its new trends, for a back-to-school season at the height of chic! Because autumn means the return of more elaborate outfits, the moment when we can have fun with fashion and its combinations of clothes and accessories. We offer you an overview of the season's trendy handbags. This year,

The popularity of beards increased in the mid-19th century and then declined in the 1950s. In the last decade, it has become phenomenally popular. Perhaps you have tried the trend for yourself. Maybe you've gone for it on the principle of "I'll give it a go, it'll be easy!" when deciding on the length/style of your beard. Or maybe you've taken a more personal approach and are looking for a way to make your beard look longer.

  First of all, wool does not need to be washed very often because the lanolin oils in wool make it naturally antimicrobial. So, as long as your wool garments are only subject to moderate wear and tear and you give them time to air out, you won't have to put them in your washing machine or wash them by hand as often as a conventional garment. In situations where you

  Spring is just around the corner! However, winter is still here and so are the seasonal dishes (raclettes, tartiflettes, fondues...). You should therefore think about detoxifying to eliminate toxins and improve the condition of your skin. There are tips for reoxygenating your skin using healthy and natural products. Fruits are a good way to tone the skin thanks to their anti-ageing properties. By acting on

  Valentine's Day 2022 is fast approaching and you are probably wondering how to shine on that day. If you have any questions about what to wear, I'll try to guide you in choosing the right accessories for your outfit. On Valentine's Day, you'll want to look your best to make your sweetheart's eyes sparkle. Here are a few tips on how to enhance your look with jewellery, an

FURLA has a worldwide reputation as a luxury brand. The brand specialises in the sale of bags, shoes and leather goods for men and women. The brand also sells accessories such as sunglasses, scarves, watches, key rings, etc., which are the hallmark of the company. Thanks to the quality and originality of its products, FURLA is now one of the most prestigious brands. Zoom in on the history of this family business. Near

Gone are last year's too-wise hairstyles. In 2022, be determined! Covid-19 will no longer stop you from adopting the sexy look you deserve. With Girl Power, show off your inner lioness with these haircuts we've selected for you. Top trending haircuts for 2022 Snippets of conversation from Treatwell and its partners about the trending hairstyle of 2022 have reached us. This year, girls,

To get a perfect and beautiful complexion during the holidays, it is important to prepare your skin in advance. Start a skincare routine and don't wait until the last minute to take action. To achieve a flawless complexion without any gimmicks, there are a few tricks you can use. Cleanse your face morning and night It is essential to cleanse the skin daily with a product adapted to the nature of your skin (oily, dry, combination). It removes accumulated impurities

The beginnings Roberto Cavalli was born on 15 November 1940 in Florence, Italy. In 1957, Cavalli was admitted to the Academy of Arts in Florence to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather who was an architect. He began dating an art student, and at that moment, everything changed! "She was elegant, a beautiful Italian woman," Cavalli said of his first wife in an interview with the Evening Standard. His fortune increased considerably in

The handbag is the ultimate accessory that will personalise all your outfits for a unique look! From the clutch to the tote bag, in a multitude of shapes and colours, it also has a practical transport role that should not be overlooked! Indeed, depending on the circumstances, you will need a handbag that will carry your essentials. It will therefore be your best ally for

When you're putting together a stylish outfit for any occasion, every detail - from the material to the garment you choose to the way you prepare your hair and make-up - matters. And if you're the kind of woman who appreciates a beautiful manicure, your nail polish will play a decisive role in the look of your outfit. If you're looking for a guide to properly pairing your nail polish with

The scarf, a great classic of Parisian fashion. French women are crazy about them in all seasons. And for good reason, they are not just seen as winter accessories, but as an everyday must-have. Wearing a luxurious scarf is a great way to add a touch of French chic to any outfit! It can add flair to a basic ensemble, match jeans, and even look elegant on an outfit

The quilted leather handbag ... the holy grail of leather goods that you can't live without. That's right, the winter season is approaching, as are down jackets, furry boots and scarves in trendy prints. A very fashionable season in the sense that many layers of clothing are superimposed, ideal for imagining numerous combinations of textures and colours! You're in luck, the padded handbag is so

The luxury watch, the masculine jewel par excellence The watch is the ultimate accessory for any style-conscious man. A nice chic watch worn well will finalize an outfit, and give it a whole new look. It is the most relevant and suitable jewellery for the modern man. Whatever his style, sportwear, elegant, casual, dandy-chic, there will always be a watch that will finalize the look to perfection. What are the criteria for a good

Stars have an unfailing love affair with luxury bags. Caitlyn Jenner and her Whitney by Max Mara. Kim Kardashian and her Pandora Messenger by Givenchy. Catherine Deneuve and her Sac de Jour by Saint Laurent. This affection of the stars for their luxury bags is as old as the world, and sometimes so intense. Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, for example, admired the Gucci brand so much that the house

If having style is the truest expression of self-confidence, it is also inseparable from the personality of the person who adopts it. Yes, it takes an unshakeable confidence to assert one's style, to express one's creativity and let one's personality speak for itself. Today, certain accessories such as luxury handbags are at the top of the list of the most popular items and they are the most popular in the world.

The UGG brand has become a benchmark in luxury fashion, but its early successes were much talked about many years ago. With its comfortable boots and many other accessories that are still popular with thousands of followers, it has established itself in a highly competitive environment. Over the years, this prestigious brand's numerous actions have strengthened its already impressive track record. What

A must-have in any wardrobe, a handbag can make or break a look. Although the right handbag is one of the key pieces of an outfit, it is difficult to choose when it comes to buying a new model. Whether it's a tote bag, a clutch or a satchel, there are a variety of styles and sizes available from leading designers. Follow our guide to choosing the perfect bag size for your body type. Just like

While the impact of the coronavirus health crisis is being keenly felt in many sectors, the luxury handbag market is paradoxically recording huge sales figures. This new craze for these chic and glamorous accessories expresses the desire of many women to express their identity and their styles, which for a long time have been limited by the new social realities. Today, for women, buying a bag

Founded in 1913 by Mario Prada and his brother Martino, Prada is an Italian leather goods brand. As one of the most prestigious brands in fashion, Fratelli Prada, as it was originally called, quickly made its mark in the world of luxury fashion. Since its creation, the century-old brand has enjoyed a worldwide reputation in the fashion industry. If the Italian brothers Mario and Martino Prada had the idea of

Gucci is one of the great fashion houses of Italian luxury. This multi-brand group has become one of the world leaders in luxury goods after a century of existence. A look back at the success story of the famous Italian company. The Gucci story began in 1921 when Gucci decided to open his first boutique in Florence. The son of a leather goods artist, the young man had been immersed in leather goods since childhood.

The handbag is an essential fashion accessory. It's an eye-catcher in a woman's look. To make a good impression and impose a style that defines who you are, opting for a luxury brand that is known to all helps to assert your personality. More than an accessory, a handbag is an essential. It is a faithful companion that never leaves us, so it is important that it is strong enough

Fashion accessories, emblems of femininity and good taste, luxury bags have become a staple of women's dressing rooms. While quality workmanship, careful detailing and luxurious signatures continue to characterise designer handbags, luxury is becoming more accessible than ever, and is almost mainstream. With the many names and references that keep coming up when discussing

Did you know that the equivalent of the modern bags we know today were small pouches placed close to the body under skirts? Indeed, the bag as we know it today, the indispensable accessory in every woman's daily life, has undergone enormous progress since its creation. In a century, this accessory has evolved with women's intimacy and with the new demands and dress codes of each era. In this article, we take a look at

Ah, luxury bags! An indispensable accessory with such a complex choice. The choice of a bag can be a very complicated operation. Which bag to choose? For which occasion? Which bag best suits my body type? Which bag would go best with my clothing style? You've probably asked yourself this question more than once. Perhaps to identify the bag to take

Bags, those accessories that have proven their usefulness in the fashion and daily life of modern society, have become an almost basic need for almost all women (and some men). Whether it's to satisfy a sweet dream or the answer to a fashion statement, affording a luxury bag is unfortunately not cheap. The prices of luxury bags, ranging from hundreds to several thousand

The handbag has become and established itself over the years as a must-have item in a woman's wardrobe. As well as helping to carry your everyday accessories in style and elegance, the handbag is the finishing touch to your entire outfit. As an extension of your personality, a handbag is not a casual purchase that you make in between two or three errands, but

How to clean your luxury handbag? If you are interested in luxury handbags, deciding to buy one is an important step. Next comes the step of choosing which bag to buy. Many people might think that the effort stops here. And they are partly right, because a luxury handbag is carefully made from high quality materials and is therefore theoretically

High-end shoulder bag or tote bag? An essential accessory to complete an outfit, the bag accompanies women's daily lives. Whether it's a collector's item for some or a simple portable storage item for others, we want it to be easy to carry and pleasing to the eye. Among the choices of choice for modern women, shoulder bags and tote bags are making headlines. Why are they so popular? Top of the range shoulder bag

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