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timeless luxury bags and trendy bags


timeless luxury bags or trendy bags

Voluntarily or involuntarily, we have all come across them at some point. In a shop window, on a billboard, on the arm of an elegant lady walking down the street or a TV star. We have all come across luxury bags


The it-bag race is certainly one of the most popular quests for women of our time, the time before that, and probably the time to come. Celebrities or not, they dream about it, they all love it. 


Although they are not given away, they are snapped up. And we can't blame them. We can't blame you, ladies. On the contrary, we're going to give you a few tips to help you choose the next pieces of your personal collection of luxury bags, since some models may not be so trendy next season. So, whether it's a timeless model or the latest trend, which investment should you make? 


Whether it is a timeless model or the latest trend, each category has its own logical and convincing arguments, which we present here. Hang onIt will soon become interesting. 



Timeless bag, fashion bag, it-bag: what is it? 

The It-bag is a word on everyone's lips. Everyone is talking about it, from fashion enthusiasts to specialist magazines, friends, family and your favourite film star. 


Contrary to what the novice might think, the it-bag is not a specific type of handbag. Rather, it is a concept. The it-bagis the fancy term for the "must-have" of the moment, the "fashion bag" that you absolutely must have to be in the "move", the "vibe", to be fashionable


Except that fashion is pretty moody. It changes moods and codes like men change shirts. Is a bag the trend now? Chances are it won't be next season. 


Good chances, but not all chances. Let's face it, not all bags are experiencing the same decline in popularity. Some it-bags become true classics, timeless, and gain in popularity over the years. With such "timeless" bags in your collection, it is impossible to regret your investment. Timeless items mark entire generations, crossing seasons, years and decades to become iconic. 


This is the case, for example, of the essential 2.55 by Chanel, created in February 1955 (hence the name 2.55). Rectangular, quilted leather, Chanel engraved buckle. This bag was the very first "hands-free" bag for women whose chain allows it to be carried on the shoulder or in the hand. A real game changer, this classic has gone through the seasons and has seen its value double tenfold since its creation, going from less than 200 € to more than 4000 € today. 



The characteristics of an it-bag

Whether it is timeless or trendy, an it-bag must have "assets"These characteristics make it a safe bet. Before choosing between a timeless luxury bag or a fashionable model, the luxury bag in question must first and foremost have those special characteristics that make it an it-bag. Characteristics that allow it to stand out from other handbags in a shop window. 


First of all, an it-bag should bebe practicalIf a bag is not classy enough or too classy for you to show off in your daily life, there is something wrong. If a bag is not classy enough or too classy for you to show off in your daily life, something is wrong. It should also be able to hold the bare minimum, phone, keys, lipstick and more if possible. Otherwise, it's not going to fit. 


Secondly, an it bag should put you on a pedestal. It must make you elevate your status. Imagine for a second, you're wearing an ordinary maxi dress on an ordinary pair of heels. You add to the ensemble a black Birkin from Hermes or a 2.55 of Chanel. What you wear, no matter how ordinary, immediately seems to be worth twice as much. 


It is important to remember these criteria. Because in the race for the it-bag, it is easy to forget that an it-bag must above all "serve you". 


Some people are rightly interested in the material and the quality of manufacture. There is no particular indication of this. The handbag industry uses all kinds of materials to design its handbags: ostrich, lamb or calf leather, crocodile or snake skin. Designers have no shortage of ideas for making their bags "special"


Timeless luxury bag or trendy bag? Which one to choose? 

This brings us back to the main question: what to choose between a timeless luxury bag and a trendy bag? Indirectly, the answer to this question has already been given above. If a bag meets all the criteria of an it-bag, then it is the right one for you.  


You want to invest in a luxury bag and are hesitating between two it-bags, the current trend or the timeless one. The right question to ask yourself: what are your objectives in buying a luxury bag? 


If you want to be part of the trend, there's no need to worry about how long this trend will last. As long as the bag of the moment is sufficiently to your liking, why not treat yourself! Also choose the trendy it-bag if you want to dress in style, and the bag of the moment, regardless of the trend itself, is to your liking. 


If the trendy it-bag is not enough for your taste, then a timeless one is what you need. 


It can also happen that you like a trendy bag as well as a timeless one. The question to ask yourself is this: How long do you want to use your bag? For short or medium term use (a few months to a few years), recommend the trendy bag. From a financial point of view, it will cost you much less than a timeless bag, which by the way, is recommended for use over several years. 


Timeless luxury bags are now considered to be investments in their own right, just like shares or property. Timeless and timeless bags are becoming more and more desirable and difficult to acquire. As a result, they increase in value as the years go by. This is the law of supply and demand. 



More generally, timeless luxury bag or fashion bag, the question does not really arise, or rather, should not arise. Why choose one category in particular if you can have it both ways? This being the case, ladies, the next time you find yourself faced with this dilemma, think of yourself first, and choose the one that gives you the most pleasure. 

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