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successful women's luxury bags


successful women's luxury bags 

They are called Adjani, Amal, Alexa, Birkin, Cara, Jackie or even Kelly. Chances are you have seen one of them somewhere in the street, in the lift on the way to your banker, or at a table in a restaurant. 

For the uninitiated, they are not very exceptional. Some might even call them "classic", "banal" or even "ordinary". But for the informed public, they represent pure charisma. They are some of the most coveted adornments! They are the luxury bags

You may have recognized them by their names:

- Adjani from Lancel ;

- Amal from Ballin

- Alexa from Mulberry ;

- Birkin from Hermes ;

- Cara from Mulberry ;

- Jackie from Gucci ;

- Kelly from Hermes also. 


Women, without distinction, have a very special affection for this accessory. 

In this article, we focus on a particular category of women: successful women. Specifically, we look at why these successful women are not just "interested in luxury bags", but they all have them. Intriguing, isn't it? You might like the following.   


What is a luxury bag? 

Before we delve into the particular interest of successful women in luxury goods, let's first look at what makes these luxury accessories of interest in general. 


When you think of luxury bags, real luxury bags, the ideas that come to mind are the Birkin or the Kelly from Hermes. The real peculiarity of these bags is not precisely explained. These bag models are considered to have always existed. They have stood the test of time and wear and tear, and yet they are still desired. These bags belong to the world of fashion, but are above all the fashions that come and go. They are timeless. Who wouldn't want to own an "all-time bag"? Or in general, who wouldn't want to own an "all-time object" that would be used for an unlimited number of years? 


This timelessness cannot really be explained. An attempt to explain it would be that luxury bags maintain a certain classA sober and elegant look. A classy look that all women would agree with, regardless of their favourite style or age group. Not like jeans with holes in them, for example. Some women like it, some a little less, some not at all. Luxury bags make everyone agree. 


Luxury customers pay huge sums of money to get their product. In the case of luxury bags, the sums spent are explained by a exceptional quality leather, outstanding materials, above-average craftsmanship and unparalleled attention to detail. Many luxury designers distribute handbags that are hand-sewn by hand. Perfection is not human, so the rumour goes, but the luxury industry tries as best it can to come close to excellence. Imagine a handbag handcrafted by experienced artisans, using high quality, even rare materials, all under the supervision of a world-renowned design house. For what other handbag could one forsake such a marvel? 


In addition, luxury handbags such as Birkin and Kelly can't be bought on the spot, they have to be ordered. You have to be put on a waiting list and your order will then be produced for you exceptionally after a certain period. Although the notion of a waiting list may be unpleasant in some cases, in this case it is more of a good thing than a bad thing. 


In 1955, Gabrielle Chanel created the 2.55. Feeling encumbered by the handbags of the time and inspired by the design of military bags, the fashion designer broke the codes and invented a handbag that would have a lifelong impact on history. 


In 1981, Jane Birkin, singer-actress, and Jean Louis Dumas, president of Hermès, met on a plane from Paris to London. Jane, a young mother at the time, confided to her neighbour the difficulties she was having in finding a handbag that was both elegant and practical, and that would hold her belongings as well as those of her daughter. The president of Hermès took an interest in her problem and asked the young mother to design "the bag" that would suit her. This collaboration gave birth to the Hermès "Birkin", a bag which in turn changed the codes and had a major impact on the history of handbags up to the present day. 


The biggest fashion houses (Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Gucci, etc.) are not, for the most part, simply "fashion brands". They have a history, they have made the history of fashion. They have been the fresh trendsetters and new. Because of this, the world gives them prominent positions and reputations in the luxury industry. 


All of these characteristics highlight theauthenticity of luxury bagsThis is the result of a constantly renewed culture of excellence. An excellence that requires know-how, time and creativity. 



Women, success and luxury

In a way, we have shown that even if fashions are circular, seasonal and changing, luxury aims at the timeless, the sure value, the timeless. 


So far we have explained the interest of all women in general in luxury bags, starting from the authenticity of the product. These reasons alone are enough to explain why successful women, because they can afford it, all have luxury bags. 


Let's change our perspective and analyse the facts from the consumer's side. What are the motivations for consuming luxury bags? 


Buying a luxury bag is not a trivial purchase like the ones you make without much thought during your weekly shopping sessions. A luxury bag still costs a small fortune. When are people more likely to spend that small fortune? On special occasions, for example. A successful project, a big contract, a great performance at the end of the term, etc. In this case, the purchase of a luxury bag for a successful woman is part of a self-fulfilment and identity-building mechanism


According to an American author, we are the average of the five people we associate with most often. Walk with five people of vision, you will become the sixth. Walk with five successful people, you will be the sixth. The adage does not only work in a positive sense. According to the same adage, if you walk with five weak-minded people, you will probably become the sixth. So why would a successful woman be interested in luxury, especially luxury bags? Because her immediate circle is interested. 


Group membership is known to be one of the main factors motivating interest in luxury. The values and norms maintained by a group have a considerable impact on the behaviour of individual group members, in particular on their purchasing behaviour. 


But more than that, the desire to belong to a group is reason enough for some women to buy luxury bags. Identity construction, again! This is quite common in the modern society we live in. Women are often seen as inferior and have to fight to earn respect and honour. As a woman, if you enter an environment and do not feel equal to the people in that environment, it is not rocket science to want to "look" before you are. 


Finally, when a woman has succeeded, and can finally be instead of appearing, it is also quite normal that she shows it, that she expresses it. Just imagine the scene, you see a young lady walking by with an authentic Hermès Birkin. The basic model sells for around €7,000, while other models can fetch upwards of €400,000. So imagine seeing a woman get out of a car with a Hermes Birkin (and you know the price). Without needing to speak, we know that this woman "is" a woman with some success. Researchers have called this theostentationThis was a way of expressing how the purchase of a luxury product could be used to express a relatively large amount of purchasing power. 



Although some people may perceive luxury as financial waste, the vast majority tend to view luxury as an investment. A majority made up of successful and unsuccessful women, men from all walks of life and cultures. 

For some, it is an ideal to be achieved. For others, it is a safe investment that will probably increase in value over time or, failing that, lose almost none.  


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