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Which handbag best illustrates your personality?

For all women, the handbag is the key accessory of the wardrobe. Not only does it carry our essentials, but it also adds the finishing touch to any outfit for an "On Fleek" look. We are always on the lookout for the perfect handbag for all our looks. A versatile bag that can be paired with any outfit, like a Swiss Army knife of fashion.


According to experts, the way you carry your bag is not a trivial gesture. It may seem natural to you, such as grabbing your handbag and sliding it over your shoulder. But this is far from the truth. Here's how it works.

The way women carry their handbags is a reflection of their style as well as an indicator of their personality. Below we look at how the majority of women carry their handbags and how this gives an idea of their personalities.

By hand

Handbags carried by hand are rather expensive bags. Women who like to carry clutches or handbags have a strong taste for luxury items and tend to focus their lives on the more refined activities.

These women are very social and enjoy events such as charity galas and art openings. They particularly appreciate small handbags, which they can carry to all their events.

On the shoulder

Women carrying handbags on their shoulders are natural, with a developed practicality.

They are dynamic working girls, phone in hand, always ready for a new challenge.

Practicality and freedom of movement are favoured over elegance. For these women, functionality will always come before design or the latest trends.

In the crook of the elbow

Carrying a handbag in the crook of your elbow may seem quite uncomfortable at first. However, from a psycho-analytical point of view, it can signify a certain social balance. This way of wearing allows the brand's logo to be displayed, emphasising a certain social status and professional prestige. Some would say that these women are proud and haughty, which is exactly what they seek to show publicly.

Under the arm

Most women carrying a bag under their arm give the impression of being withdrawn, especially from a social point of view. Their self-confidence is low and will need to be strengthened over time. They prefer to play it safe by keeping their most valuable possessions close to them.

These women keep their style simple and elegant, so as not to draw too much attention to themselves that most luxury brands can bring.

Shoulder strap in front or behind

Carrying a shoulder bag can signify a cautious personality. This woman may be shy, reserved or protective. Placing the bag on the back gives a stylish urban warrior look. Carrying the bag on the front protects against contact with other people, which is probably the intended effect.

These women are more interested in practicality than in brand or style, and want to show their independent and wild nature above all.

In the back

Backpacks are a trend that has been around for a long time. They are for spontaneous women who are always on the go. Previously reserved for schoolchildren, they are now suitable for all ages and sexes! They are above all practical and functional bags.

Perfect for women who like to travel while respecting their body thanks to the straps that protect against shoulder and back strain.

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