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How to choose glasses according to your face shape?

Are you having trouble choosing the glasses that will enhance your face and highlight your assets? Whether you have a round, oval or square face, there is a pair made for you! Here's a guide to help you find the perfect shape to make you look your best.

How to recognise your face shape?

With all the shapes of glasses on the market, you want to be sure of your choice, and we understand you! To help you identify the shape of your face, there are 5 main shapes. Here they are:

Please read on to recognise the shape that suits you, but remember that this is a guide, not a hard and fast rule, and if you like to wear certain shapes of glasses, GO GIRL! Having your own style is very important and allows you to define your own identity.

If, however, you need help in finding the face shape that suits you best, here are our tips for recognising your assets and making them look good at the same time!

Glasses for all face shapes

The most important point: no one has an absolutely square, round, oval or heart-shaped face. Nobody fits 100% into one category. Most faces are a mixture of different shapes.

Trying to choose just one shape may seem impossible. What you want is to choose the shape that is closest to you. Even if your chin is a little too pointy, or your forehead a little too big. These are just guidelines to help you determine how to measure and complement your assets, not absolute rules.

Once you have identified the shape of your face, you can find a frame shape that will harmonise your face.

For easy recognition, look at your jaw in a mirror. See if you are more 'round' or 'square'. For a more detailed examination of your face, look at the following.

Glasses for round faces

Round faces often have smooth contours, with a face of roughly the same width from the jaw to the forehead.

Which models to choose?

Rectangular frames :

Restructures the face, making it appear longer and thinner.

Angular and geometric mounts :

Adds definition and strong lines to your face to create balance.

Cat-eye or D-shaped frames

If you have very full cheeks, try to focus on them while focusing on your eyes at the same time.

Oval face glasses

People with an oval face can afford any frame shape. It is the most universal shape, so have fun with all the possible styles!

Look for a frame that is as wide as the area around your eyes. With this in mind, here are the most flattering shapes for oval faces:

Square frames

Rectangular frames

Geometric frames

Glasses for square face

Square faces often have angular features and show a strong jaw line. Round, thin uprights that are slightly wider at the sides will give a harmonious and natural look to this type of face.

Which models to choose?

Round frames

Oval frames

Triangular face frames

Triangular faces are wider on the sides, narrower on top. So you'll be looking for the opposite shape: wide on top, soft on the sides.

With a mixture of rounded and angular corners, you will enjoy the following shapes:

D" frames

Aviator frames

Cat-Eyes frames

Heart-shaped face glasses

Heart-shaped faces are wider at the eyebrows, tapering down to the chin with large cheekbones. This is typically the most versatile face shape.

It will be enhanced with uprights slightly wider than the front and rounded at the base to balance the whole, thanks to the:

Thick frames at the bottom

If you have a narrow chin, you will want to add some volume.

Frames with low temples

With a wide forehead, this style will draw attention downwards, highlighting the lower part of your face.

Oval frames

If you have a pointed chin, the oval shape will do wonders to draw attention to your eyes.

Lightweight or rimless frames

Softens the appearance of glasses on your face with a discreet frame.

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