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How to stand out with a luxury bag?
The way you carry your handbag says a lot about you, not only in terms of the personalitybut also in terms of good manners. Indeed, accessories help to enhance your style, and handbags are a significant part of women's fashion. The luxury bags are irresistible and make you stand out. They also reflect your personality and social status. No matter how much fashion changes, a luxury bag can last for years. Although there are no strict rules about carrying a handbag, it is important to know how to wear it to stand out.


On the elbow

This is a popular wearing position for women professionalThe bag is clearly displayed and can be seen immediately from most angles. The bag is clearly exposed and can be seen immediately from most angles. If the bag is held like this, it is often on the side of the body, which projects confidence because the front of the body is free of any barriers. This is how most famous women carry their bags, including The Queen of England.


At arm's length

A bag is not usually carried in this way if the style of the bag requires itBut if a woman carries a bag with handles under her arm, it means that she is a woman. But if a woman carries a bag with handles under her arm, it means that she is relaxed and not to worry about its appearance. The bag should never be too tight or pressed against the body, as this can send a signal of nervousness or insecurity.


Around the neck

Not only is wearing a handbag as a necklace impractical, but it also communicates a feeling of insecurity. The image you send out by carrying a bag in this way is that the bag is used as a barrier to the outside world. And holding your arm across your body can further send a signal of self-doubt.


On the shoulder

A woman who does not use her bag to hide the front of her body is usually very confident because it ensures that the solar plexus is free of objects. When you carry your bag over your shoulder, the message you send is that you don't feel the need to hide behind anything. It is also very practical because the bag is kept out of the way and leaves your hands free. It is also the most practical way to carry a large bag.


The catch

It takes some practice to carry a bag in this way. The catch suggests a woman who cares a lot about the image she projects and suggests one of two personality traits. The first is the trustEspecially if the bag is held to the side. This allows you to display your bag without it interfering with the rest of your outfit. 

On the other hand, holding a bag in this way, very close to the body, can act as a comfort shield, which can project signals of insecurity and nervousness to the outside world, especially if it is firmly clamped at the base.


What are the right ways to carry a handbag?

It is advisable toalternate the way you carry your bag so that there is no tension between your shoulder and your body when you walk. You may not feel the tension, but it builds up throughout the day and can be harmful to your health.

To avoid tension, use your abdominal muscles to keep your body straight. If you carry your bag with a long shoulder strap, tighten your abdominal muscles as you walk and keep your back straight. Not only will this make you look good, but it will also allow you to do some posture exercises. 

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