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Why stars opt for luxury bags

Stars have an unfailing love affair with luxury bags. Caitlyn Jenner and her Whitney by Max Mara. Kim Kardashian and her Pandora Messenger by Givenchy. Catherine Deneuve and her Sac de Jour by Saint Laurent. This affection of the stars for their luxury bags is as old as the world, and sometimes so intense. Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, for example, admired the Gucci brand so much that the house dedicated a bag to her. Lady Di was such a fan of one of Dior's models that the brand renamed it Lady Dior.

So it makes sense to ask the question: why do brands like luxury bags so much?

How would you define a luxury item if asked? Although definitions may vary slightly from one individual to another, everyone agrees on the known qualities of a luxury item. Specifically, a luxury item is considered to be a valuable and rare item. Luxury bags fall under the same definition.

The rarity of a luxury bag is conferred by its unique pieces, sometimes obtained by special order and relatively difficult to acquire. Added to this is the craftsmanship that went into making the bag. Many luxury bags are made entirely by hand with almost surgical precision.

This explains why the retail price of a luxury bag is not the most attractive on the market. A pink crocodile Birkin bag from Hermès is rarer and much more expensive than a steel Oyster from Rolex. This is to say, it is not just a question of money.

Like all of us, who would say no to such fine workmanship, whether it is from Louis Vuitton or Chanel. Moreover, to afford luxury accessories is to show that one belongs to a privileged class of society.

Even if some people consider this to be a mere "show-off", it must be acknowledged that luxury bags are often worth their weight in gold and are not accessible to the average person.

Finally, luxury bags are like vintages that improve with time, as the materials used to make them become rarer and rarer each year and demand only increases.

Who knows? Kim Kardashian may be showing off her Givenchy Pandora Messenger with the intention of getting a special dedication from the brand. Such recognition from such a well known brand would help the star in her business. And it would please some people to hear that this is the reason why Kim and her bag are inseparable.

It is impossible to confirm or deny the true intentions of this and other stars. What is more obvious, far more common, and far more beneficial to the stars and the brands they carry, is celebrity marketing.

For those of you who have skipped a few celebrity news classes, celebrity marketing is a marketing strategy that is very popular with major brands, which consists of creating a partnership with a star. Brands use the fame of stars as a communication tool. It's a win-win situation for the brands and the stars. It's a win-win situation.

The growth of celebrity marketing in recent years is another reason why stars are opting for luxury bags.

Celebrity marketing or not, one thing is for sure, most women, stars or not, love luxury handbags, and this is not about to change.

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