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Why buy a luxury bag?

The handbag has become and established itself over the years as a must-have item in a woman's wardrobe. As well as helping to carry your everyday accessories in style and elegance, the handbag is the finishing touch to your entire outfit.

As an extension of your personality, buying a handbag is not a casual purchase that you make between two or three errands, but a decision that you MUST take very seriously. This choice will accompany you everywhere and express a part of your personality to everyone you meet.

So let us give you not one, but several reasons to buy a bag, not the least of which is a luxury bag.

The ancestor: Chanel 2.55

The Chanel 2.55, if you don't already know it, is a great classic from the house of Chanel, now elevated to the rank of icon. This bag, which owes its name to the time of its creation (February 1955), is an authentic creation of Gabrielle Chasnel (designer of the fashion house). It was created to offer freedom to its user, as its gold or silver brass chain can be used as a handle or a shoulder strap, an innovation that breaks the codes of the time.

Today, this bag is an icon that has endured through the ages and seasons, and gorgeous ladies continue to snatch it up every day.

Excuse the diversions, we will use this luxury bag that has endured through the ages to demonstrate the value of buying a luxury bag.

It's not about treats

Yes, it's not about sweets. Luxury bags are... luxury, precisely because they are manufactured with the greatest care, by famous brands with indisputable know-how. The 2.55 would certainly not have lasted if it were a piece of junk, hastily made like candy.

Buying a luxury bag means buying a premium accessory that is recognized by the world as being of excellent quality and that you will be able to use for many, many years.

In addition, the big brands often produce timeless models, which are not only luxurious but also have a style that survives all eras.

With a luxury bag, you can be sure that you are wearing a top quality, fashionable accessory that even the stars love.

A luxury bag is an investment

You may have heard it before, and we can confirm it. A luxury bag is indeed an investment. In fact, today, according to experts, it is even more profitable to invest in certain luxury bags than in stone.

You invest in your appearance, your style and therefore directly in the impact of your relationships and your social circle.

The Chanel 2.55, do you remember it? We talked about it a few paragraphs earlier. This timeless watch cost a modest €195 when it was created in 1955. In 2008, a classic variant of the 2.55 cost around €1,250. Later, it will cost €3,800 in 2014. It is now 2021, and a Chanel 2.55 is worth up to €6,000, 30 times the price at its creation.

One could compare a luxury bag to a wine, which is becoming more and more valuable over the years. And rightly so, as interest in the luxury industry continues to grow, and the prices of luxury goods continue to rise.

It's not just the 2.55; all the major fashion designers offer excellent quality bags that increase in value over time. Do you fancy a luxury bag, but don't want to spend an arm's length on it? Do you want to celebrate a special occasion, but are still hesitating? There is this luxury bag, very stylish that will go very well with your look, but you think its cost is enormous? Don't hesitate, a luxury bag is probably one of the best investments you can make this year and in the years to come.

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