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How to clean your luxury handbag?

How to clean your luxury handbag?

If you are interested in luxury handbags, deciding to buy one is an important step. Next comes the step of choosing which bag to buy. Many people might think that the effort stops there. And they are partly right, because a luxury handbag is carefully made from high quality materials and is therefore theoretically very durable. Durable indeed, but not impervious to dust, an accidental lipstick stain or a few drops of coffee.

The urban environment as we know it is full of harsh elements for a handbag of this value. So it is with great pleasure that we share with you these valuable tips that will help you overcome these inconveniences and make your bag look like new.

External cleaning: simple and gentle

Depending on the material to be cleaned, the products to be used vary, but they are still very basic, easy to find and equally simple to use.

Vegetable leather

Vegetable leather is a leather that starts out beige, but has the property of turning naturally brown with time (and a little sun). The dark colour is very pleasant and shows the maturity of the material.

However, if this phenomenon is too pronounced, use cleansing milk and a few drops of white vinegar (one or two at the most) to lighten the material. The mixture should be applied gently to the surface to be treated with a cotton pad. Allow to dry, observe the effect, and repeat the process if necessary. For the handles of your handbag, you can use a pencil eraser beforehand.

To lighten the material, add white vinegar. If you just want to clean, the make-up remover alone will suffice.

Tinted leather

Do not use the mixture of white vinegar and cleaning milk on coloured leather. You risk losing your colours, unfortunately. Well, prematurely anyway, because time naturally wears away colours.

To restore the original colour of the leather, a waxing of the same colour will do the trick. You can also leave it to a professional who can even change the colour if you wish.


Cleaning the coated fabric is relatively easy. Soak a sponge in soapy water, wring it out and then clean it. Dry with paper towels. That's all there is to it!


As handbag jewellery is usually made of brass, brass cleaners found in pharmacies and supermarkets may be sufficient.

However, make sure you don't use them anywhere else. Not on vegetable leather, not on coloured leather, not on waxed canvas. Protect these areas with glue or paper towels if necessary, or use cotton swabs instead of cotton for more precise cleaning.

Cleaning the interior: simple and effective

The inside of a handbag is not only inconspicuous, but also not prone to nuisance, but not all. Odour nuisances are the most common (though not very common), and if you don't get rid of them, they can quickly become unbearable.

The smell

You've probably heard of our ultimate weapon against odour: baking soda. You can use it to get rid of odours in your handbag.

Put a little at the bottom of the bag (preferably in a sock), then fill the bag with newspaper rolled into balls and change them every three days. Keep the bag open throughout the process. The odours should disappear after a few weeks.

The lining

The lining of your high-end handbag can also be cleaned. If the lining is made of leather, it will be cleaned in the same way as the outer leather.

The process is just as simple for canvas doubles. Oily stains can be removed with terre sommière, ink stains with 70° alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

Here we are. You now have the most useful tips for cleaning and maintaining your luxury handbag. With a little practice, you'll have them all down pat. Use them wisely.

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