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High-end shoulder bag or tote bag?

High-end shoulder bag or tote bag?

An essential accessory to complete an outfit, the bag accompanies women's daily lives. Whether it's a collector's item for some or a simple portable storage item for others, we want it to be easy to carry and pleasing to the eye. Among the choices of choice for modern women, shoulder bags and tote bags are making headlines. Why are they so popular?

Top-of-the-range shoulder bag: when femininity is combined with elegance

The high-end shoulder bag is one of those fashion accessories that have come a long way to the top of the catwalk. Inherited from the Middle Ages, it finds its ancestors in the soft cloth bags once carried by austere monks for travel. A wide handle, a compact container, a way of carrying the bag to reduce the weight and free the hands; the same concept is maintained to this day.

Practical and functional, this type of bag quickly crossed social barriers and made its way onto the fashion accessory shelves and onto the catwalks of the great designers. This is how high-end shoulder bags began to become popular with people who wanted to combine luxury, design, efficiency and functionality.

Why choose a high quality shoulder bag?

Choosing a top-of-the-range shoulder bag means choosing an accessory with meticulous finishing touches and opting for a prestigious material such as leather. There's no doubt about it: it will enhance your outfit with a luxurious touch and reveal a touching femininity through its chic and elegant look.

Not just a fashion accessory, the high-end shoulder bag is also functional. It is compact in size, yet has a compartment with sufficient capacity to store essential belongings. Typically, premium shoulder bags have one or two internal pockets to help organise storage.

How to choose a high quality shoulder bag?

Considered the it-bag of the moment, the high-end shoulder bag fits all styles and personalities. However, not all models are suitable for everyone; there are certain criteria that must be observed in order to be sure of making the right choice.

Choosing according to body shape: The great Cristina Cordula has never stopped hammering it home: the bag must be in harmony with the body shape. Small, high-end shoulder bags with dimensions close to those of a minaudiere are best for small women, while larger women should opt for large bags with a large capacity.

Choose according to the nature of the handle: Designed for easy and ergonomic carrying, the top-of-the-range shoulder bag should be equipped with an adjustable handle. The part in direct contact with the shoulders should be made of leather or natural material with padding to absorb the weight of the container.

Choosing by design: With the aim of enhancing your outfit with a feminine and refined touch, the design of this accessory should not be overlooked. Because luxury often flirts with discretion and simplicity, details carefully chosen to be visible without being gaudy accompany high-end shoulder bags.

Tote bag: the most spacious choice

If the tote bag has gained an incredible reputation among working women and housewives, it's because it's the primary companion of those who carry their little world with them on a daily basis. Popularised around the 1970s, its success has grown steadily since the Woodstock festivals, when hippie followers had to bring their hangings, tablecloths and food to attend the outdoor festivities.

While high-end tote bags and shoulder bags share this vocation of making life easier for modern women, they differ in size and in the way they are carried. The tote bag has two handles for carrying by hand or over the shoulder, and generally has a large capacity.

Criteria for choosing a carrier bag

Like high-end shoulder bags, tote bags are chosen according to body shape, design and handle type. Contrary to popular belief, tote bags come in compact sizes to suit the looks of slim women. Of course, this affects the capacity of the container, but you can be sure that it will still be larger than that of a high-end shoulder bag.

Choose according to the material: Nothing beats natural! Leather, in addition to being resistant, exudes an elegance, a prestige, which will not leave you indifferent. This is why top-of-the-range shoulder bags are made of this natural material, which is as chic as it is robust. And we don't need to remind you: sturdiness is necessary given the weight that a tote bag usually carries!

Choosing by design: For everyday use, nothing beats a sober model with a neutral tone. However, nothing prevents you from opting for a tote bag with a few original details. Small metallic touches, a slight sparkle of a gold or silver signature, patterns here and there, etc.

High-end shoulder bag Vs tote bag

Both types of bags already share a common denominator: everyday use. Although the high-end shoulder bag is more in demand by fashionistas, and the tote bag is a casual ally, they both make their way into everyday life. But if you have to decide between the two, which one will win the prize?

In terms of design: The top-of-the-range shoulder bag wins!

Feminine looks, compact dimensions, discreet details that consistently enhance the look of the accessory, the high-end shoulder bag wins the design battle. Make no mistake about it: the tote bag is no less charming, but it is designed more for practicality than for aesthetics.

When it comes to capacity: The tote bag is back on top!

More decorative than functional, the high-end shoulder bag can only hold your essential belongings. However, while it can only hold a wallet, key and phone, the tote bag comes to the rescue with its large capacity, earning it the name 'basket bag'. It's designed to hold a lot of stuff, and young mothers swear by it as a place to store everything.

In short, when choosing between a high-end shoulder bag and a tote bag, you should refer to your preferences and needs. Do you want a cute little bag that will bring a girly touch to your outfit or a large bag with a lot of capacity without being devoid of charm?

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