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Men's bags: an increasingly popular fashion accessory

Men's bags: an increasingly popular fashion accessory

The love affair between women and handbags has been a long one, leading to the fact that this fashion accessory is now a must-have in most women's wardrobes.

Men are also very fond of all kinds of bags and have been carrying them for a long time. In the past, men's interest in bags has been in their practicality, to carry things that are useful in everyday life. But these gentlemen are now beginning to see the city bag as an extension of their clothing style.

Because such is the demand today, a myriad of men's bag designs - for all tastes and budgets - are available on the market: the men's bag industry is booming. Let's take a look at the men's bags that are now a must-have for every modern and trendy man.

Men's bags: a must for the look

Just as some women proudly carry handbags to look good but don't necessarily need them to carry things, men are now also buying men's bags for aesthetic reasons.

Let's remember the recent trend among young men in big cities to wear fanny packs. Ideal to put phone and wallet, fanny packs are mostly worn by those who claim to be streetwear and urban culture/fashion in general ... because it's trendy and not because it's practical.

Men's shoulder bags are also in vogue at the moment, especially among the bohemian-chic community. Made from leather, canvas or fabric, men's shoulder bags are effective in adding gravitas, chic and good taste to casual outfits.

Men's bags: practical and efficient above all

The business case is one of those men's bags that have been timeless for decades. The leather briefcase is a must-have fashion accessory for businessmen and other corporate executives. This type of bag for men is indeed compact, of sober but neat design, classy and efficient to carry documents.

The backpack is the most popular type of bag for men. The most popular models today are those that include a compartment for laptops and tablets.

Not to be forgotten is the large sports bag - duffel bag type, travel bag type etc - which is still popular with men. This type of bag for men is an excellent investment as it is suitable for all purposes and does not go out of fashion over time.

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