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What are the luxury handbag trends for 2021?

For the year 2021, luxury handbags are clearly in vogue. With their diversity, elaborate finishes and refined styles, they have established themselves as one of the most coveted fashion accessories. This year, which sets the pace and tone for new trends, is strongly marked by a wave of selected luxury handbags that mark their originality both in form and in the rarity of the materials used in their manufacture.

Whether it is the oversize bag, already widely appreciated by women, the necklace bag or even the hobo bag, everything has been done to satisfy the desires of a clientele that swears by beauty and luxury. So what are these famous luxury handbags that are the most fashionable in 2021?

While it is often said that fashion is an eternal restart, the world of luxury handbags is not just about bringing back its old creations. It's all about rebirth, beauty and novelty. Slipping a luxury handbag gracefully under your arm is a true act of self-assurance and self-esteem.

For the trends of 2021, the various manufacturing houses, always driven by their sense of beauty and aesthetics, have not failed to demonstrate their creativity once again.

The first trend of the year in 2021, the hobo bag is the very expression of aesthetics. Identifiable by its rounded contours, perfectly harmonious lines and seams, this bag makes a statement with its original shape. With its insolent beauty, the hobo bag is the kind of bag that makes you look away.

Characterised by the adoption of a vintage style and by highlighting highly aesthetic attributes, the hobo bag almost eclipses other trends. Despite its sobriety, this masterpiece with its deliciously exquisite cuts is the showcase of several major brands such as Fendi, Celine, Chloé, etc.

The necklace bag comes in a variety of charming and irresistible looks to match any style. While Chanel has opted for a glamorous and romantic look, Max Mara presents it in a more subtle way with a double.

For those lovely ladies who have a taste for the rare and exotic, the crocodile skin patterned one from Ermanno Scervino will put a sparkle in their eyes. The Emporio Armani brand is also showing off its prodigious design in a way that subtly dresses the wearer's neck.

Characterised by its rigidity and strict silhouette that calls for self-control, this luxury handbag also inspires strength, the noble, dignified and poised attitude of women of value. Paradoxically, this state of rigidity is matched only by its enchanting beauty and softness.

In terms of the shapes it imitates, the flat bag can be identified with a classic satchel or a clutch to be slipped delicately under the arm. It is the perfect accessory to play the cards of chic, power and elegance. Among the trendiest flat luxury handbag designs of 2021, those of Andrew Gn and Louis Vuitton take the lion's share. Hermès and Dsquared2 did not stay on the sidelines with their black models with slender arms.

For many years, the world of sports bags was not very aesthetically oriented, but this has changed considerably today. The models are no longer counted and the new designs manage to harmonise the attributes of luxury and the dress codes of sport.

Whether it's in the form of a sleeping bag, tennis bag or boxing bag, this 2021 trend will set you apart from the crowd. The trendiest designs of 2021 are from brands like Andrea Pompilio, Etro, UGG, Acne Studios, etc.

A true classic, it is impossible not to notice the oversized luxury handbag, so impressive is its size. In 2021, this accessory, so expressive of feminine identity and values, is back in use. However, it has been revisited by its designers to appear even more chic and stylish.

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