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Since the coronavirus crisis, sales of luxury handbags have soared

While the impact of the coronavirus health crisis is being keenly felt in many sectors, the luxury handbag market is paradoxically recording huge sales figures. This new craze for these chic and glamorous accessories expresses the desire of many women to express their identity and their styles, which for a long time have been limited by the new social realities. For women today, owning a luxury handbag is no longer a pretentious desire, but rather a way of asserting and enhancing themselves. What are the reasons behind the explosion in luxury handbag sales?

While the world watched helplessly as the economy collapsed, a new dawn seems to be breaking over the faltering fashion industry. Indeed, the past few months have been marked by an avalanche of demand for luxurious and exceptionally rare products.

While many people thought that jewellery and homewares were the most interesting accessories during this health crisis, luxury handbags have made their way into the spotlight of the most popular luxury products. This is not really surprising when one considers the psychological implications of successive confinements.

The major luxury handbag brands have not hesitated to seize the opportunities offered by this crisis. The sales records are all the more surprising given the restrictive measures imposed in most countries.

In recent months, sales of luxury handbags from the prestigious Hermès brand have increased by a staggering 60%, although sales prices have risen to almost 18%.

Louis Vuitton, the famous French brand known for its luxury items, did not remain on the sidelines of this progression. An increase of 123% was noted, while the average price of a sale was already over 104%. Many other equally prestigious fashion houses have captured the hearts of an insatiable clientele.

The purchase of luxury handbags, those indispensable accessories to perfect style and bring out femininity, is the satisfaction of an emotional pleasure. It is an act whose meaning goes far beyond a simple treat. The handbag is the very materialization of the taste, of the choice of the woman who buys it.

It is a way of expressing self-esteem in times of harsh social realities. The number of consumers in the luxury bag market has increased considerably in recent months as the majority remain optimistic that the crisis will end.

Women, those charming muses who constantly need to feel beautiful and desired, have understood the need not to become weary. Buying luxury handbags has become a compensation for the difficulty of going to the shops.

It is clear that boutiques and other physical outlets were favoured before the health crisis. This was an attractive alternative, as it allowed consumers to have a tactile and visual experience with the luxury handbags they were buying.

These items exude a strong sensory and carnal value due to the exquisite quality of their design materials, the talent of several creative minds, and the craftsmanship of experienced leather workers.

Today, the majority of luxury handbag purchases are made online. By making great efforts to promote digital tools, the online experience of customers has improved considerably.

With the advent of augmented reality and artificial intelligence, consumers and worshippers of the beautiful and luxurious are no longer so keen on the carnal experience with luxury handbags before their purchase.

Although luxury handbags are designs that combine originality, refinement and style, the major brands do not hesitate to make them exclusive in order to meet the often very varied tastes of an increasingly demanding clientele.

Indeed, a luxury handbag is a fashion object, an accessory that allows you to create your own style and silhouette. It is therefore clear that we are not very enthusiastic about running into someone carrying the same bag as us.

Luxury handbags designed during this period of health crisis have been as diverse as possible, showcasing the female personality. Each brand has not hesitated to show ingenuity by adding special touches and other particularly subtle details, which nevertheless make all the difference.

Whether it's the texture and softness of the material, the unique patterns to enhance the aesthetic details, or the use of iconic labels, the new designs have it all.

Striking and elegant designs

While the luxury handbags produced before containment are excellent designs, those produced today are just as, if not more, refined due to the new demands of customers. With the emphasis on timeless shapes and styles, today's pieces are far from classic and express your penchant for luxury.

Sewing styles and materials

This characteristic is further enhanced by the harmonization of many details. The clearly visible stitches are done with skilful dexterity. To accompany all these important details, the manufacturing materials are of exceptional quality.

This can be seen in the fluidity of the zip movements, the beauty of the sequin assemblies, the strength and ergonomics of the metal handles.

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