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Which trendy hairstyle to adopt for 2022?

Gone are last year's too-wise hairstyles. In 2022, be determined! Covid-19 will no longer stop you from adopting the sexy look you deserve. With Girl Power, show your inner lioness with these haircuts we've selected for you.

Top trending haircuts for 2022

Snippets of conversation from Treatwell and its partners about the trendy hairstyle of 2022 have reached us. This year, girls, we're going for volume and an even wilder hairstyle. So we're going for the inevitable wavy bob, the elegant curtained fringe and the fierce wolf cut.

The wavy bob

What better way to start the year than with a glamorous bob? Ladies, you have a choice of short, ultra-short, long, mid-length or plunging styles. The little 2022 touch is this wavy hairstyle that will absolutely sublimate your outfit. This haircut will also easily adapt to your style: chic, casual, retro or working girl.

The curtain fringe

Also known as "curtain bangs", these fringes have been all the rage since the 1970s. Sometimes it's styled straight, sometimes it's a parting in the middle of two fairly long strands. At one time, we all knew of beauties who adopted this haircut from the media or our circle of friends.

They may be models, stars or a beautiful woman in a shampoo ad. Each time, you tell yourself that they are beautiful. Then, in your daydreams, you promise yourself that one day you'll have hair that looks just as good. Well, this year is an opportunity to keep that promise. Yes, in 2022, you can be the hot girl in the neighbourhood with curtained fringes.

The wolf cut

This now very popular haircut was chosen by Billie Eilish. This hairstyle, which complimented the artist's subtle originality, is sure to be one of this year's trendy cuts. Indeed, the genius who brought together the mullet and the shag has thought of thick hair. So you can take pride in that voluminous mane.

The best hairstyles for 2022

The messy bun, the vintage scarf and the glued braid will bring character to your beautiful hair. It will bring some pizzazz to the new year.


The messy bun

The tousled look of this bun is a sure bet. With its wispy strands that escape here and there, it's a style that will give you that casual, yet refined look.

The vintage scarf

Do you want a funky touch in your hair? The scarf is a great alternative to the usual clip-on scrunchies and headbands! Besides, the retro look it gives you while taming your mane is very nice. All you have to do is choose the colour or pattern that suits you to be trendy in 2022.

The glued braid

The bonded braid is often seen on the catwalks of the biggest fashion brands. Accompanied by smoky make-up and beautiful accessories, this braid will be your fashion statement in 2022.

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