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How to wear a luxury scarf in style?

The scarf, a great classic of Parisian fashion. French women are crazy about them in all seasons. And for good reason, they are not just seen as winter accessories, but as an everyday must-have.

Wearing a luxurious scarf is a great way to add a touch of French chic to any outfit! It can add flair to a basic ensemble, go well with jeans, and even look elegant on a more formal outfit. If you're looking for a guide to wearing a scarf, you've come to the right place!

In this article, you will find three ways to wear the scarf in a stylish way in any season.

How to tie a scarf properly?

First of all, you should know that there are three types of scarves: stoles, scarves and wraps. The criteria vary according to material, thickness, size and style.

The stole

The stole looks like a thick scarf, often made of wool or viscose, large enough to wrap around the shoulders.

How to wear a stole?

It will be worn on the shoulders like a shawl most of the time, unless it is very thin and in that case it will be tied on the front, around the neck.

The scarf

The scarf is often thick, made of wool, cotton or cashmere. It is a great classic of French winter fashion! It is rectangular in shape and large enough to fit around the neck three times. It is customary to match the colour of the scarf to one's coat and to have as many scarves as there are outfits. It is used to enhance outfits and to keep warm in winter.

How to tie a scarf?

Technique 1: Place the scarf over your neck and dangle both ends in front of you. Then fold each end over the opposite shoulder. Sometimes one end may fall over the front. This gives an effortlessly chic look, totally in the Parisian spirit.

Technique 2: fold the scarf in half, hold the loop in one hand and both ends in the other. Pass the ends through the loop and adjust the whole.

The Scarf

The scarf is made of a light fabric, typically silk, viscose or similar. It can be square or rectangular in shape. Thinner than a scarf or stole, it is the perfect ally for the off-season. It is mainly used to accessorise an ensemble, and is not a substitute for a scarf, as it does not provide sufficient insulation from the cold.

It's an effortless way to add flair to an outfit! Any pattern worn around your neck will be a mark of your identity. It's the perfect accessory to pair with a beige trench coat or wool blazer for example. In case of rain, you can easily store your scarf in the coat to protect it.


How to wear a silk scarf?

Below is an official illustration from Hermès, which highlights six elegant ways of tying the French scarf.

You can arrange it in a triangle on the front and tie it around your hair.

For a French knot (my favourite): wrap the scarf around the neck and tie it, then make a pretty knot on the side of the neck. Elegance guaranteed!


Now you can tie scarves in style. Now you can have French chic in all circumstances!

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