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How to match your outfit to your nails

When you're putting together a stylish outfit for any occasion, every detail - from the material to the garment you choose to the way you prepare your hair and make-up - matters. And if you're the kind of woman who appreciates a beautiful manicure, your nail polish will play a decisive role in the look of your outfit.

If you're looking for a guide to properly pairing your nail polish with your outfit, look no further! Below, we'll be looking at some ways to enhance your look by matching your nail polish with the rest of your outfit

Back to Basics

If you want a versatile nail polish that will go with almost any outfit in your wardrobe, don't stray from the great Basics. Think pink, red or nude shades. All of these colours are timeless and will gracefully set off the rest of your outfit. The same goes for the French Manicure, which will go effortlessly with any outfit.

Go for monochromatic

If you like classic clothes but enjoy creating stylish outfits, stick to the same or similar colours. If you're wearing a black outfit, whether it's for a casual event (black jeans, big black tank top, black jacket and black shoes) or a formal one (little black dress), stick to the theme by pairing it with black nail polish.

If you're wearing a grey dress or a small grey skirt with a white blouse, go for a grey or silver nail polish or a French manicure with white tips. Want a red carpet look? Combine beige linen trousers, a white top, and paint your nails with a natural or cream varnish.

Try the Color Block

The Color Block has become incredibly popular in the manicure world, especially for those who used to do their nails regularly and wanted to try new colours often.

The Color Block means doing your manicure with very contrasting colours, such as green and blue or red and purple.

If you love fashion and aren't afraid to experiment with new things, add new dimensions to your outfits by using colour blocking.


Depending on the colour, style and pattern, you can pair this style with any outfit that includes the print used whether it is floral, animal or other. At the same time, if you plan to wear outfits with prints, such as a colourful checkered blazer, you can have your nails painted with a neutral colour to add an elegant touch to your appearance.

Match your nail polish to your accessories

Who says you should only match your nail polish to your outfit? Why not match the colour of your nail polish to the colour of your accessories? If you decide to wear a beige tote bag, wear a beige nail polish. If you wear a gold necklace, wear a gold nail polish. If you wear lots of different coloured accessories, wear different coloured nail polishes to match several accessories instead of just one.


Whether you're looking for new ways to enhance your outfits with your nails, or you're looking for new ways to experiment with your nails and outfits, remember that there's no limit to the combinations you can create.

Study fashion trends from your favourite celebrities, take a cue from the tips above, and use your own sense of style to create unique looks that are uniquely you!

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