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What should you pack in your handbag?

The handbag is the ultimate accessory that will personalise all your outfits for a unique look! From the clutch to the tote bag, in a multitude of shapes and colours, it also has a practical transport role that should not be overlooked!

Indeed, depending on the circumstances, you will need a custom-made handbag that will carry your essentials. It will therefore be your best ally to deal with your needs and unexpected events.

In this article, you will find out which types of products to add to your favourite handbags for optimal 100% storage!


You're going out for a night with friends and don't want to carry around a classic handbag? We know what you mean! You've probably added your mobile, wallet and keys thinking that this would be enough. However, here are a few things you'll be glad to have inside:

Mint candy

A few small sugared almonds will suffice.

If you eat a dish that is too spicy or fishy, for example, your breath will thank you when you have business or personal meetings.


A small package can save you from very embarrassing situations.

In case of a runny nose or a spilled cocktail!

Tickets (5 to 20€)

Don't spend them! Keep them safely in your phone pocket or behind your ID card in your wallet.

Only in case of emergency, if your card was refused for a reason X for example.

Safety pins

The emergency solution for a lot of fashions dramas! The bra fastener that breaks? The jeans that rip? The cover-up that reveals too much? You never know, and it always happens at the wrong time. This solution is the easiest to implement!

Hair elastic

It's too hot, the wind is blowing hard. Your hair is down and you don't look like anything. Don't panic! A little improvised bun and you're back to natural Parisian chic in an instant.

Mini Handbag

This size is ideal for everyday use, and you'll be amazed at how many things you can fit inside! Here are the essentials to take with you:

  • Mint candy
  • Tissues
  • Tickets
  • Safety pins
  • Hair elastic
  • Pen

You will probably say don't be old-fashioned, there is the smartphone for that. But no, not everything can be written on a smartphone, hence the importance of planning ahead

Lipstick or Labello

The essentials for luminous, moisturised lips.

Perfume Roller

Your olfactory signature in a small roll-on.

Hydroalcoholic gel

To keep your hands clean on all occasions.

Sanitary tampon

To be safe from a code red emergency.


A little break can happen quickly. The sooner it is protected, the better you can concentrate on the rest of the day!

Tote Bag

These adorable tote bags are not only pretty, but they are extremely practical as you can take a lot of stuff with you! However, beware of clutter! Leaving everything loose is not the right solution, we recommend you to use organizers to be installed inside, with several compartments helping you to find your stuff easily.

For the Tote-Bags, we recommend that you take :

  • Mint candy
  • Tissues
  • Tickets
  • Safety pins
  • Hair elastic
  • Pen
  • Lipstick or Labello
  • Perfume Roller
  • Hydroalcoholic gel
  • Sanitary tampon
  • Dressings
  • Deodorant

Always carry a mini deodorant with you on those summer days at work or on days when you have to run around in transport.

A little bit of freshness and your morning run will quickly become a memory!

Phone charger

The worst that can happen is that your phone runs out of battery! Always planning ahead will prevent you from missing the business opportunity of a lifetime.


So that you can drive without worrying or squinting during your coffee break with colleagues.

Cereal bar

If you're the kind of busy woman who juggles appointments, having something to satisfy your hunger will help you be more efficient.


Music has a relaxing and motivating effect. Is a colleague annoying you? Is a colleague talking too loudly on the phone in your office? There are many reasons to adopt it!


Even if you don't smoke, there are still reasons to need it. For birthdays, for example.

Make-up bag

Take a sample of every item in your makeup. You'll never have a bad makeup day again!


Did we forget something? Let us know in comments

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