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A love of handbags: more than just a fashion accessory

A love of handbags: more than just a fashion accessory

A handbag is not an optional fashion accessory that serves only to enhance an outfit. It is not a "decorative" item that you decide at the last minute to add or not, depending on your mood. Handbag enthusiasts know that this love comes with its own lifestyle (habits, attitudes, meanings, anecdotes, reflexes etc.).

The handbag is often of sentimental or emotional importance to most ladies. Giving a handbag to a woman to mark a special day is now as common as giving a bouquet of flowers.

Have you noticed that women who have accumulated many handbags end up giving them away one by one to their loved ones? Did you know that many women have a bag "assigned" to each special and specific occasion? Let's decipher the importance of this famous "handbag".

Buying handbags: not just for aesthetic reasons

Perfecting a given look, completing one's wardrobe, balancing colour tones, dressing up the forearm: a woman's handbag serves all these purposes at the same time and many others as well.

To begin with, deciding to carry a handbag - or not - is a statement of the very essence of one's clothing look. Like the cherry on top of the cake, the handbag must be thought of from the very composition of the outfit of the day. You don't just put a cherry on top of any pastry to make it look pretty, as you would put a banana instead if you were only listening to your fleeting impulses.

Even as he drew up the recipe for the cake, the pastry chef visualised the final result as a whole and planned the combination of tastes, aromas and shapes to recall, in every bite, the image of that tiny cherry at the top of that big creamy cake.

To decide on the ideal outfit for the next day, think in advance about the activities planned, the places to be visited, the weather, the time it will take to do things (and even the gestures you will make throughout the day to know whether you should dress comfortably, lightly or casually, eccentrically, professionally or soberly).

We choose among our handbags by asking ourselves if the size will be sufficient for the objects it will contain, if it is adequate for the places we will go to, if it will be comfortable to hold it for the time we will need to hold it, if a special place will be available or not to store the bag...

Buying handbags: because they are practical

The place of the handbag in the pantheon of fashion items that make up a woman's look is not only aesthetic. Handbags are first and foremost ... bags for carrying things that are useful in everyday life.

Many women give handbags to their friends and family because they see problems that a trendy and suitable bag can solve. A woman who travels a lot during the day and has to carry a lot of miscellaneous items such as a phone, wallet or cosmetic items can go years without thinking of buying a handbag that is more practical than a sports or travel bag (or worse, a simple plastic bag).

It's nice to have enough handbags in your wardrobe to have the option of a clutch, a tote, an easy-opening shoulder bag or a sling bag when it comes to choosing.

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