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10 cocooning tips to pamper your skin in winter

Winter has put on its coat. When the temperatures drop, it's time to get into cocooning mode to take care of your skin. Here are ten tips that might help you do just that.

Cushions and blankets

To start with, make your home feel extra cosy and relaxing. This can be achieved by using more cushions and blankets.


Choose soft textures such as velvet or pastel colours. Use them everywhere, whether in the living room or in the bedroom.

The plaid

Throw offers unparalleled comfort when the cooler weather comes into the house. Throws are always welcome when snuggling up with a series, a film or simply reading a newspaper on a warm sofa. It can also accompany you to bed.

Choose a soft material such as fur, knit, velvet or wool, as they are both warm and pleasant to the touch.

The carpet

In addition to its practicality, the carpet has an aesthetic advantage. It brings a warm atmosphere to the room where it is laid out. The carpet takes care of the feet of those who walk around the house barefoot while being a decorative element. When it comes to choosing a carpet, you will be spoilt for choice depending on your budget, taste and colours.

White faux fur rugs or Scandinavian rugs are particularly trendy this season!


When it's cold, whether on your person or as a room fragrance, it's important to choose a soft, comforting scent.

The nature of the cool, dry air during this period will cause fragrances to evaporate quickly on your skin. Spicy, woody or chypre, you're bound to find a scent that suits your tastes and makes you look good.

Moisturising cream

Moisturising cream is a must-have product for winter maintenance. As mentioned above, the air is dry during this season, so moisturising the skin is a must when it's cold. This is to avoid dryness, wrinkles and irritation.


As far as scrubs are concerned, it is necessary to regulate the frequency and the nature of the product you use. The risks of aggression are so high that one must choose gentle and moisturising products. For oily and/or mixed skin, choose a fruit stone or sugar-based scrub. For the most sensitive skin, use a gentle chemical scrub that will gently remove impurities from your skin.

Bath oil

To keep your skin glowing despite the harshness of winter, don't skimp on bath oil. Like moisturizers, these products make the skin softer, more caring and smoother.

The face mask

To maintain your skin in the middle of winter, a face mask keeps your face supple and radiant. Avoid harsh products and go for anything organic instead. As well as giving a glow, moisturisers also treat any blemishes that may be present on your facial skin.

Hair care

To strengthen your hair, there are many oils and scrubs available to give it a new shine. Don't forget to moisturise, as in winter hair tends to become dry and brittle quickly.

Favouring home-made products

If you have the time, opting for natural and organic products would be ideal for your skin. Use honey, shea butter, eggs or olive oil. These products are known to provide multiple virtues whether it is in facial or body mask, for hair, gentle make-up removal ...

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