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July 2021

Gucci is one of the great fashion houses of Italian luxury. This multi-brand group has become one of the world leaders in luxury goods after a century of existence. A look back at the success story of the famous Italian company. The Gucci story began in 1921 when Gucci decided to open his first boutique in Florence. The son of a leather goods artist, the young man had been immersed in leather goods since childhood.

The handbag is an essential fashion accessory. It's an eye-catcher in a woman's look. To make a good impression and impose a style that defines who you are, opting for a luxury brand that is known to all helps to assert your personality. More than an accessory, a handbag is an essential. It is a faithful companion that never leaves us, so it is important that it is strong enough

Fashion accessories, emblems of femininity and good taste, luxury bags have become a staple of women's dressing rooms. While quality workmanship, careful detailing and luxurious signatures continue to characterise designer handbags, luxury is becoming more accessible than ever, and is almost mainstream. With the many names and references that keep coming up when discussing

Did you know that the equivalent of the modern bags we know today were small pouches placed close to the body under skirts? Indeed, the bag as we know it today, the indispensable accessory in every woman's daily life, has undergone enormous progress since its creation. In a century, this accessory has evolved with women's intimacy and with the new demands and dress codes of each era. In this article, we take a look at

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