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LUMINOSA GM urban backpack, large capacity
Genuine Italian leather

CHF 283.20

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The Italian leather goods has long been the leader in handcrafted leather. Its sumptuous bags embody the a symbol of luxury and authentic elegance while earning a worldwide reputation for their exceptional quality.

The Italian craftsmen are renowned for their unrivalled craftsmanship, using traditional tanning techniques that preserve the beauty of the leather. Made from materials carefully selected for their character, suppleness and strength, Italian bags develop a unique patina over time.

The aesthetic appeal of Italian leather bags is infinite. They can be combined with any style of clothing in a timeless way. And Italian designers are renowned the world over for their inventiveness and their ability to sublimate authenticity and innovation.

Le minimaliste SAC À DOS EN CUIR ITALIEN LUMINOSA GM est une belle création qui conquiert le cœur de toutes les fashionistas du moment. Avec son allure de bijou mode, il libère les mains avec élégance. Pratique et malin, il s’associe facilement et il est capable de porter l’essentiel avec suffisance. Il s’enfile croisé avec sa fine bandoulière tout en beauté.

Son cuir est tout doux au toucher et son design stylé est idéal pour la saison. Il se clôt avec un rabat besace orné d’un fermoir à verrouillage. Ses détails dorés apportent de la jeunesse exquise à son allure urbaine.

This functional backpack is the ideal accessory for urban nomads. It combines a casual shape with the distinctive details of a multifunctional bag.
The ample, supple leather is embellished with refined touches. They'll find a spacious interior adorned with a host of details from Florence Leather Market's expertise.


Length: 26 cm
Width: 15 cm
Height: 33 cm
Bandoulière: 85 cm
Handle: 24 cm
Fermeture genre: Boucle réglable
Weight: 0,90 kg

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