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Women's shoulder bag

Enhance your wardrobe with the perfect women's shoulder bag

Elegance is an aesthetic quality that is not found in everyone. Some people may have been born with this fashion sense, while others need to educate themselves, learn about it and trust their taste in clothing, in order to be elegant at any event.

When it comes to women's fashion, one of the useful accessories to enhance her elegance is the handbag. More specifically, the women's shoulder bag. This type of bag, often with a small capacity, is a chic type of bag for outings, which offers your clothes a certain charm and delicacy. They come in a variety of designs, sizes and colours to best suit your needs whatever they may be.

At SwissFashion DG, our handbag catalogue consists of high-quality shoulder bags made of genuine leather and reserved for chic outings, or long outings when you spend the day at work for example.

Think you already know enough about leather shoulder bags? But what if you don't? Perhaps you still have a lot to learn about these indispensable clothing accessories for elegance in the chic world of women's fashion?


Why a shoulder bag for women?

Why carry a shoulder bag with a shoulder strap and not a backpack or a portable wallet in your hand? Indeed, the main purpose of bags would be achieved: to carry the object of our choice. But what about this finesse in clothing? How can we go to an important event without taking into account this essential fashion detail? This is where the need for this accessory with its various uses comes in.

Both for their durability and for the chic look they bring to your outfit as a woman, women's shoulder bags are worth having in your wardrobe.


For finesse

An accessory such as a woman's shoulder bag does not make the whole dress style, but it is important to be elegant at least. And don't forget about shoes, which also have their say when it comes to feminine charm and style.

The handbag, when well chosen, allows you to establish harmony in your clothing style. It is an accessory to be chosen with care, for finesse and presence in your clothing.

A fur or suede coat, along with a beautiful pair of genuine leather heels, paired with exceptional canvas trousers, may not be enough in your quest for class, finesse and sartorial charm, without a well-chosen handbag.

The advantages and benefits of a women's shoulder bag are what make it so useful and famous. Not to mention its contribution to the world of fashion, especially when it comes to women's clothing style. One of these suede bags can make all the difference to you, even with a boot style.

Now, let's talk about what differentiates shoulder bags from other women's bags: the strap, also known as the "shoulder strap".


An adjustable leather shoulder strap for comfort

The women's shoulder bag differs from other types of bags by the strap (bandolier) that is used to carry them. A strip of leather, fabric or sometimes metal, used to hold the bag on the shoulder or directly by the hand. Some bags have an adjustable shoulder strap, while others do not. And this touch makes a big difference between these two types of shoulder bags.

This means that you can adjust the shoulder strap of your bag to the size that suits you, and change the setting at any time, if necessary. Some shoulder straps are even removable. You can remove them to use the bag as a purse, or replace the shoulder strap to make a shoulder bag. They can also be changed if they are damaged, or to personalise your bag in some cases.


Tough as nails

The material and the strength of the seams are two things that define the strength of a bag. Our women's shoulder bags are genuine leather bags, certified by the design brands. The quality leather, the inner lining and the strong stitching make these handbags tough enough to take you through the best and worst of times.

Load up your large bag to the max, do your shopping, every day, without fear with crocodile leather bags.


Lightweight and practical at all times

Most shoulder bags are lightweight bags with a small capacity. Some shoulder bags have a multi-pocket structure which makes them much more convenient to store than others.

For quick, chic outings, or any occasion where you need to be lightly dressed, your women's shoulder bag is your best ally. It's a great fashion accessory for going out and keeping your phone or credit cards safe. On any evening or other occasion where you need to look elegant and chic, consider taking your leather shoulder bag or pouch.

Even with the smallest bags, comfort is remarkable and storage is easy for everyone.


Take the bare essentials with you when you go out for a walk, for example, or opt for the large-capacity versions to carry more items during your daily routine.


Elegant designs for all your events

Design is also an important aspect of your leather goods, in addition to lightness or thinness in some form. In the world of fashion, colours and their combinations are very important. Bags exist in different designs, each with its own colour. For your assortments, you can choose from a long list of bag designs: burgundy leather, crocodile leather, quilted leather, etc.

For example, black leather shoulder bags are most likely to match any colour of dress or suit. So choose a black leather shoulder bag to dress up your outfit. Or, opt for a red leather bag to go with a black dress, or yellow leather to go with a white dress or suit depending on your taste.

Match your purse to your shoes or clothes, add gloves of your choice, and you're done.


Find the right shoulder bag for you

Our women's shoulder bags can be divided into two categories. The category of wallets or purses with a small capacity for quick outings and a slightly more refined or vintage style of dress, and the category of bags with a larger capacity for larger outings, to serve as a travel handbag among your luggage, etc.


Do you have a brand that you prefer above all others? Do you prefer a large women's shoulder bag? Or do you have a weakness for lightweight and easily transportable bags? In this collection, we have gathered the best products for handbags from GUCCI, LOUIS-VUITTON, FURLA, DOLCE & GABBANA, MICHAEL KORS, PRADA, etc. Italian leather bags, authentic to 100 %, comfortable, and available in several colours, designs and sizes, with adjustable or non-adjustable straps, in leather or gold metal.


FURLA shoulder bag white for women

For those who love the colour white, this is one of the best choices. You will enjoy a royal white colour in a comfortable medium sized bag, for outings or any occasion deemed suitable. If you love white, the purity of this colour and its charisma, we recommend the FURLA White Shoulder Bag for women.


FURLA shoulder bag, black leather

The right going-out bag for undeniable charisma. Genuine black leather, with an inner lining for extra durability, and a removable and adjustable shoulder strap in chain and black leather too. Durability and elegance in one, with this FURLA shoulder bag in genuine black leather.


FURLA shoulder bag in burgundy leather for women

This is a bag for the business woman with a beautiful, enchanting look. Characterised by its sublime burgundy colour, this leather piece from FURLA is an incredible piece of women's fashion. Medium in size and with a lined interior, the FURLA Women's Burgundy Leather Shoulder Bag is like no other bag.



Order a women's shoulder bag now.


  • Genuine leather: for special occasions, as a day bag, etc.
  • Adjustable and/or removable shoulder strap in leather or gold metal: for more comfort in use.
  • Available in a variety of colours and designs to suit all tastes: choose your design to suit your dark, colourful or other clothing style.
  • Zip, magnetic or snap closure system.
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